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6-11 PM, Saturday May 4, 2019


Decades of Ore Ganguers have celebrated major milestones events with a banquet. This 85th, join the Ore Gangue alumni, current students, and special guests for a wrap-up banquet and celebration. There will be a speaker, music, and much more so stay tuned for further details!



Garry Room 
Cocktails 6:00pm

Buffet Dinner 7:00pm

Program 8:00pm

Last Call 10:30pm

Volker Braun

Tribute to Dr. Braun

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Gunjan Sinha, PhD 2009

Chasing “Motherships” from Northern Canadian Prairies to
Southern Great Plains


Storm chasing sounds like a very strange hobby to many. However, if you enjoy wild weather, driving thousands of kms to unusual places, nature photography and adventure, it is the hobby of a lifetime. To us chasers, storms are nothing but living, breathing objects that have births and deaths governed by simple physics. Every chaser experiences numerous challenges on every chase day. At the end, one gets to observe, experience and capture these spectacular visual displays, and that is absolutely priceless. In this presentation, I will first talk about why, where and when does the real wild summer storms (aka supercells!) form. I will also share my experience of catching some of the most violent but beautiful storms over the Canadian Prairies and the Great Plains.


Gunjan Sinha was born in Calcutta (currently known as Kolkata), and completed his B.Sc. degree in Applied Geology, and M.S. degree in Exploration Geophysics in India. He moved to Saskatoon in 2003 and completed a Ph.D. on Numerical Modelling and Mantle Convection in 2009 under the supervision of the present Department Head, Sam Butler. Since then he has worked as a Geologist/Geophysicist in uranium exploration, a Wellsite Geologist in SAGD programs, and is currently a Geophysicist with Dias Geophysical. 

He has always been fascinated by storms, and starting chasing storms in the Canadian Prairies since 2005. Since then he has been doing it almost every year, including his first “tornado alley” chase in 2013. The never-ending quest continues. 

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