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How can you support the
Department of Geological Sciences and its students?

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The world needs leaders, innovators, thinkers, and doers. The world needs problem solvers and global citizens that will confront the challenges and opportunities ahead.  Our alumni and donors play an integral role in ensuring our remarkable students are able to receive a world-class University of Saskatchewan education and become the next generation of leaders, professionals, and community members the world needs.

We are striving to inspire students to succeed by investing in tomorrow’s thinkers and creators. We are seeking the critical philanthropic support needed to reach new levels of excellence in each of these areas for the students of the Department of Geological Sciences.


Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund


The Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund was established to provide annual support to geoscience students on the basis of academic performance, financial need, and contributions to the Earth Sciences student community.


The fund currently provides awards to two third-year and two fourth-year students annually. To ensure these awards maintain their significance in perpetuity, and to increase the number of awards that could be distributed, a capital pool of at least $500,000 is being raised.


Through the Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund, geoscience students are offered the opportunity to realize their full potential. You can help to alleviate the financial burden of tuition and allow students to focus on their studies.



Entrance Awards


The province of Saskatchewan is Canada’s top producer of uranium and one of the world’s largest producers of potash.  Moreover, the province is home to 23 of the 31 critical minerals identified in Canada’s Critical Minerals strategy.  Consequently, the geological sciences play and shall continue to play a crucial role in the economy of the province and the country.


In recognition of this, we are seeking support to provide an entrance award (regardless of merit or need) to EVERY new student (undergraduate or graduate) who declares a major in the geosciences. This entrance award will help offset the costs of their education.


Given that there is a shortage of highly skilled geology graduates to enter the workforce nationally, these awards will also encourage new students to pursue a degree in the geological sciences.


Your gift to support the department entrance awards will help bring the brightest minds to this field and industry.


Experiential Learning


One of the most important ways to understand fundamental geological concepts is through experiential learning.


Field schools are one of the most important experiential learning tools and as such, our undergraduate geoscience students at USask are required to take at least two field schools as part of their degree program(s). However, there are many other experiences which can be equally impactful, such as taught-abroad field courses (such as our courses in Spain and Ireland), field trips to nearby mines or museums, and even tours of provincial geoanalytical or core-storage laboratories.


Your support will remove financial barriers to ensure that enhanced experiential learning opportunities will be available for all geoscience students.


Please consider helping to build a legacy that every alumnus can be proud of.


To support the Ore Gangue Bursary Fund, entrance awards,  or experiential learning you can make a donation online to the Department of Geological Sciences Fund. and specify which area(s) you would like to support in the comments box.


How to Donate online

Step 1: determine which Geological Science area(s) you would like to support (Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund verses Entrance Awards verses Experiential Learning

Step 2: click on the donate now button to go to the University of Saskatchewan Website. You should see the screen as in image below 

Step 3: Enter you gift amount and comments and then continue on through the prompts. 


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