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Updated: May 5

Tracey Jungwirth (Geo grad 1992) Tracey has earned an elite status for recognition by the College of Arts & Science as an ‘Alumni of Influence’, an award that is available to limited, committee-selected numbers of Alumni each year, as graduates of the U of S Arts and Science Dept. It comes as no surprise to the several Ore Gangue Alumni committee members who volunteered with and under Tracey’s coordination of the Ore Gangue Historical Publication (OGHP) project and the Ore Gangue 85th Anniversary Reunion. Tracey’s unwavering efforts have benefited the Ore Gangue Society and its thousands of past and present Alumni. Tracey was to have been presented as public recognition this award among a small group of 8 recipients at the 2020 A&S Awards Presentation on March 27, 2020 in Saskatoon, if not for the unfortunate timing of the COVID-19 epidemic. Although a misfortune of timing for proper recognition, it will not go unrecognized by the people Tracey refers to as “her Family”, the Ore Gangue Society. On behalf of all Ore Ganguers, I wish to thank Tracey for her unselfish donation of time and money, her thoughtfulness in organizing, and the positive manner in which she has routinely benefited the Society. The OGHP nor the 85th Anniversary Reunion would either have been as successful without her dedication. Cliff Herman, BSc Geo ‘73


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