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geoConvention 2020

Once in a decade, the CSPG, CSEG and CWLS partner with GAC, MAC and IAH to bring together a fully integrated geoscience program. This years event, which was postponed due to Covid, is now virtual. There are a number of presentations a from U of S geological students, alumni or faculty. They include:

  • Alicia Bjarnason

  • Amber Sprague

  • Courtney Onstad

  • Danial Francis

  • Kevin Ansdell

  • Kirsten Marcia

  • Nancy Normore

  • Peter Hone

  • Rebecca Hunter

  • Russell (Stan) Stancliffe

  • Shelby Austin-Fafard

  • Todd Leblanc

If you want to attend the virtual conference the website is here: Use the author search to find out when the U of S presentations are on:

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