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Hockey with the Ore Gangue

Updated: Apr 10

Ah, hockey, the beloved pastime of the Ore Gangue student society! From playing on the ice to cheering from the stands, hockey was a big deal for us. We found the earliest photo of the Ore Gangue in 1932, proudly displayed in the Greystone yearbook. Our teams always had a presence in the University of Saskatchewan campus league, and let's not forget the epic battles we had with the biology team!

And let me tell you, our Ore Gangue hockey jerseys were the envy of all. They may have changed over the years, but they were always a collector's item. I wonder how many of our alumni still own those precious jerseys. And hey, do you still fit into yours from back in the university days?

If you're interested, we have a history document with a bunch of hockey-related articles. You can check out the PDF of the hockey section for some entertaining stories from A.J. Willy, Lew Parres (one of the original Ore Gangue members), and Jim Parres. Good times, good times.

Now, let's talk about the arena. The Rutherford arena eventually got replaced by the fancy-schmancy Merlis Belcher Center. At our 85th reunion, some of our alumni got to tour these new, shiny, and expanded facilities. And guess what? One of our alumni even got his name carved into the walls for generously donating some funds. Talk about leaving a lasting legacy!

So there you have it, the exciting hockey history of the Ore Gangue. Good times on the ice, fierce competitions, and legendary jerseys. We sure knew how to have fun in our university days!


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