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Ore Gangue Reunion Updates

Updated: Apr 10

Hello everyone!

Looking forward to the upcoming reunion - just over a month away! I wanted to send some updates and notes to everyone that has registered.

1. Schedule Updates: Please see the updates to the schedule on the website. We are still finalizing the last details, but there have been some new events and details added recently that you may not have noticed yet! 

-The band DUMP BABES, featuring Ore Ganguer Eric MacNeill, will be performing later in the evening at the Ice Breaker at Louis event on Thursday.

-Sign up for tours is now open! There are limited spots available on the tours so fill in the form at the bottom of the registration page asap to indicate your interest and then we will finalize the number of tours and times. The two tour options available are a Canadian Light Source Tour and a Campus Tour. Limited space means first come first serve to sign up!

-There is a new event planned for Sunday: Coffee and Soapstone Carving, in the lounge! Coffee is open and free to everyone if you'd like one last chance to mingle before heading home at the end of the weekend. But if you would like to participate in the soapstone carving workshop, you will need to buy a ticket ($10) on the registration page. There are only 25 available tickets, so first come first serve.

2. Talks and Posters: we are still working on a talk schedule. If you are interested in giving a talk or presenting a poster, please contact Kevin Ansdell at

3. Rock Display: You may have noticed in the schedule there will be a rock display. It's time to start looking through your rock collection! Bring your favourite rock to display and enter into the contest for the "Coolest Rock Award". Room TBD - I will send out an update on where to bring your rock and when later.

4. Alumni Art Exhibit: If you are an artist, we would love to display one or a few of your pieces! No need to let us know in advance, simply bring an art piece and fill in a card about it when you get to campus. Room TBD - I will send out an update on where to bring your artwork and when later.

5. Sponsorship: Thinking about sponsoring the reunion? It's not too late! The deadline to confirm sponsorship is April 8th and information on sponsorship tiers is available on the Sponsorship page of the website.

6. Ticket Purchase Deadline: The deadline to purchase tickets for the Reception at the Remai and the Banquet at Marquis Hall is April 17th, since we have to provide numbers to the caterers in advance. If you are planning to attend these events and have not yet purchased your tickets, please be aware of this deadline! Tickets can be purchased on the Registration Page.

7. Who's Coming Stats: Check out the updated who's coming stats on the website and bug your friends to register if you notice your class is lacking representation!

I will be sending some more updates and reminders leading up to the reunion, so stay tuned! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Katie Klymyshyn

Saskatoon Ore Gangue Alumni

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