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Alumni Bursary Fund

The Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund has been established to provide financial assistance in the form of bursaries to deserving and needing students in the Department of Geological Sciences at the U of S. The intention of the fund is explicitly stated in the Terms of Reference:

"To provide financial support, reward academic performance, and recognize contributions to the Earth Sciences student community for students in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan who are members of the Ore Gangue."

The Fund will provide annual support to as many as two third year and two fourth year students on a permanent basis at a significant financial level. In order to make these awards we will need to accumulate a capital pool of at least $500,000.00. We are asking for your support and generous contributions to the University of Saskatchewan Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund in this one-time fundraising effort. Please help us build a legacy that every Alumnus can be proud of.

To donate to the Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary Fund:

Attn: University Relations

University of Saskatchewan

G16 Thorvaldson Building, 110 Science Place

Saskatoon SK S7N 5C9


The cheque should be made payable to “University of Saskatchewan”. 

Please note the name of the award (Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary) on your cheque.


For Online Donations, please click below and then click Other Areas as specified in your comments for your gift designation, and specify The Ore Gangue Alumni Bursary in the Comments box. 

Screenshot 2022-08-20 095743.png

$500,000 GOAL

*Balance as of April 30, 2023

History Document

Ore Gangue Bursary Letter Fall 2023

Ore Gangue Alumni award winners:


  • Derek Bodnar

  • Morgan Dunham

  • Nathan Busaan

  • Danielle Forester

  • Katrianna Klymyshyn

  • Cole Kowalchuk

  • Gavin Newton

  • Emily Champion


  • Katie Klymyshyn

  • Cole Kowalchuk

  • Nathan Busaan

  • Matthew Fellwock

  • Morgan Dunham

  • Derek Bodnar

  • Gavin Newton

  • Dani Forester

  • Emily Champion


  • Melina Bueckert

  • Matthew Fellwock

  • Danielle Forester

  • Hailey Fountain

  • Katrianna Klymyshyn

  • Brittany Lajeunesse

  • Drake Meili

  • Ajeetpal Sekhon

  • Nevan Trombley

  • Anthony Walker

  • Mark Weir

  • Kale Wood


  • Josh Spanier 

  • Katie Klymyshyn

  • Rebecca Kupchinski

  • Lyndsay Hauber

  • Simran Kharal

  • Drake Meili

  • Bryce Marinus

  • Jeff Balas

  • Mikhail Chutskoff

  • Talissa Louie

2017: Bryce Marinus & Naethen Parthiban

2016: Cowell Mattea

2014/2015: Joshua Wallace & Corrie Davidson

2013/2014: Zoe Brewster and Carson Brown

Committee Members

Pre 1950
Paul Gagnon '59 
403-269-3252 (w)

1950 – '69

Lorne Larson '58


1970 – '79

Gordon Beach '74

403-289-2894 (h)

403-554-2894 (c)

1990 – '99

Tyler Klatt '01 

587-392-7096 (o)

2000 – '09

Lori Barth '04

 403-875-0803 (c)

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