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Department of Geological Sciences announces two prestigious awards to faculty.

The Department of Geological Sciences announces two prestigious awards to faculty, Luis Buatois and Brian Pratt.

Luis was awarded the SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) Raymond C. Moore Medal in recognition of “Excellence in Paleontology”.

“Nominees for the medal will be persons who have a significant record of outstanding contributions in paleontology, especially those aspects of paleontology that bear on a major objective of this Society which Professor Moore helped to establish, that is, to promote the science of stratigraphy through research in paleontology and evolution, and the use of fossils for interpretations of paleoecology.”

Brian was awarded the Middleton Medal which is awarded biannually by the Canadian Sedimentology Research Group of the Geological Association of Canada.

“The medal is named in honour of Gerard V. Middleton, a Canadian pioneer in academic sedimentology, and recognizes either an outstanding long-term contribution or a seminal contribution to any aspect of sedimentology by a Canadian or a sedimentology researcher working in Canada.”

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